Video marketing: Why is it so important in 2020?

Every year, digital agencies and marketers keep a close watch on changing trends in the way companies market their products to consumers. Over the past 5 years, one of the fastest-growing mediums has been video marketing. A new and much-quoted survey1 reveals that the percentage of marketers who use video has been consistently growing. In […]

Content in context: 5 different types of content marketing

Let’s address a common misconception about content marketing. Despite the term being bandied about by nearly everyone, people always seem to think of blogs and social media posts as the only types of content they can use to win customers. That’s just not true. Content marketing is a crucial tool in every brand’s arsenal. After […]

Remove racist and biased terms from your content

We are content creators, so our focus is on how to craft the perfect copy for the given scenario or target audience. In doing so, we pick the most popular phrases and recognisable idioms, as these are what resonate with people. However, sometimes we use a certain turn of phrase, only to realise on deeper […]

Social media content: What to post on each platform

Social media is everywhere. There’s no denying it. After all, more than 3 billion people are on social media, and 321 million people joined social media last year – that’s nearly one million new users per day1.That’s probably why social media is considered the most relevant advertising channel to reach half the world’s Gen Z […]