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Are you a startup or young company? Don’t have big budgets to spend on marketing? Then this article is for you.

You may have the best intentions of implementing what you consider effective strategies, but it can be hard to choose SEO over immediate sales.

Knowing what to use your meager budget on in the early stages can help you avoid mistakes that can easily stack up later. Your best option is content marketing, one of the smartest things you can invest in to take your company places.

3 common mistakes in content marketing

Remember that referrals are still an extremely important way to get to potential customers. That’s where content marketing comes in – providing your potential customers with informative content to questions they have.

When that need is met, they come to see you as someone they can trust. And this in turn leads them to purchase your product or service.

So, here are our top recommendations on how to up your content game by avoiding these mistakes.

1.Not using data for your content strategy

Start by asking yourself: Who is my target audience? What type of content satisfies their needs? Does my content add value? Do a thorough analysis of how your competitors are using content.

Create a content calendar a month in advance with well researched topics that you can write blogs about. Use each topic to answer questions and address any needs your audience may have.

Having a documented strategy was one of the top factors in helping 78% of marketers achieve their marketing goals last year.1

Remember that when you generate quality content, you will likely be seen as an authority on the subject. This in turn ensures that your content is read and shared by your readers on their own networks, increasing your visibility.

2.Not using SEO

SEO and content go hand in hand but a common mistake that a lot of people make is putting SEO on the back burner. So, investing in SEO should be a priority and recommendations made by your SEO agency should be implemented and adhered to. 

Start by doing keyword research to optimise on-page content, create a link building strategy to improve visibility, fix backend technical issues and continue to generate new and valuable content on a regular basis.

3. Not reviewing performance

Periodic reviews are extremely important to figure out how your efforts have performed. If some aspects of what you’re doing are performing better than others, you’ll know what to continue to concentrate on and what initiatives to cut out completely.

Taking time every quarter to do this, you need to look at website traffic, leads/sales, which platform contributed most to those, and what type of content worked to drive those numbers your way.

Marketers swear by SEO and it has paid off in the long run for businesses that have invested in it. Isn’t it time you did too?

Get in touch if you’re want to engage our services to help your business grow.

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