Make your company brochure stand out with these 4 key tips

Make Your Company Brochure Stand Out With These 4 Key Tips
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Does your business or brand have a brochure? Look at it with fresh eyes. Does it work? Does it engage your attention? If it does, what about it makes it attractive?

We’ve all been handed our fair share of brochures, and we’ve chucked many away after a simple glance of disinterest. Today, a brochure should command enough attention to urge a customer to pick it up, take a closer look, and ideally draw in a sale or any other outcome that you are hoping to achieve.

Brochures are fairly easy to develop, not expensive to print, and, if the brochure design is done properly, it can serve as a magical tool in an advertising campaign. Here are 4 key tips to remember to ensure that your brochure stands out above the crowd.

Cover the basics

We tend to pick up something that intrigues us, so a good cover page is key. The ‘face’ of your brochure, the cover should convey information effectively without being too little, too much or too haphazard.

Avoid cluttered design elements, because they overwhelm the reader. Your logo, a title or a phrase that captivates the reader accompanied with a graphic or two will get the job done. Color and font choices are also essential: Keep the font clean and simple, with a color scheme that compliments your brand and product.  

Add value

As important as the cover is, your brochure should also add some value. If it’s just going to repeat whatever is on your company website, it’s a waste of time. So make sure your brochure’s content is specifically written for it, and not copied from other collateral.

How you write this content is also crucial. Include essential information in concise sentences. Use bullet points and graphics wherever possible.

Research, data-backed statistics and testimonials are all important pieces of content to have on a brochure. But make sure you pepper it with images or infographics to lighten the load.

Include a call to action

Make sure that your brochure encourages the reader to take some positive action about your brand. Include details on how they can get in touch with you and how they can expect a response – remember that a general contact email is not a promising CTA!

If you are asking readers to subscribe or check out a website, give them an extra incentive with a free promotion, a sample or discount code.

Match your company ethos

What does your company stand for? What is your ethos? Your brochure should reflect the same too. If you’re a formal and professional company, it doesn’t help to have a brochure that screams ‘creative’.

On the other hand, if your main business is something modern and quirky, a standard A4-sized brochure won’t work at all.

Similarly, the materials you use should reflect the ethos of your brand. Using environmentally friendly recycled paper is a great way to show you care about the environment. A brochure that can be ‘repackaged’ to serve as something else – think a takeaway container for a restaurant, or a bouquet for a flower shop – is a great way to win over consumers.

If you’re looking for more such effective brochure design tips, get in touch today and our expert designers can show you some free samples!

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