Personal branding for business growth: How to get started

Personal Branding For Business Growth: How To Get Started

Quick question: what does the reputation of your company or business depend on? If you think it’s your products, marketing campaigns or customer reviews, you’re not wrong… But there’s a very surprising factor many people don’t consider at all: Your company leaders’ personal branding. Yes, that’s right. A Weber Shandwick survey1 found out that globally, […]

Make your company brochure stand out with these 4 key tips

Make Your Company Brochure Stand Out With These 4 Key Tips

Does your business or brand have a brochure? Look at it with fresh eyes. Does it work? Does it engage your attention? If it does, what about it makes it attractive? We’ve all been handed our fair share of brochures, and we’ve chucked many away after a simple glance of disinterest. Today, a brochure should […]

Foster diversity and inclusion with the right language

Foster Diversity And Inclusion With The Right Language

If you’ve been following the discussions around how workplaces need to change for the better, you’ve definitely heard the terms diversity and inclusion a lot. Both are crucial if you want to create a dynamic workplace where employees work together to innovate, collaborate and navigate the business landscape to grow towards success. To put things […]

4 ways case studies can help boost sales for your brand

4 Ways Case Studies Can Help Boost Sales For Your Brand

If you’re looking to convince your customers about your company’s worth, showing them case studies of what you’ve done before is a great way to start! You don’t even have to write case studies yourself: you can leave it to content development experts who can help you put together the ideal case study based on […]

4 reasons your brand identity needs a style guide

4 Reasons Your Brand Identity Needs A Style Guide

Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner or just someone who’s been thinking of starting a company? Then you know how important it is to have a strong brand identity. But have you ever thought about establishing a brand style guide? What’s that, you ask? Read on to find out. Think about it: What conversations […]