Content marketing: Why you should make it 2021’s top priority

COVID-19 has changed the way we operate. Whether it’s remote working or Zoom classes, digital-first strategies or rethinking supply chains, every single business has been affected. Amid this chaos, one term keeps coming up again and again: content marketing. This is probably one of the buzziest, most bandied-about terms of 2020. Sadly, though, it is […]

Video marketing: Why is it so important in 2020?

Every year, digital agencies and marketers keep a close watch on changing trends in the way companies market their products to consumers. Over the past 5 years, one of the fastest-growing mediums has been video marketing. A new and much-quoted survey1 reveals that the percentage of marketers who use video has been consistently growing. In […]

Content in context: 5 different types of content marketing

Let’s address a common misconception about content marketing. Despite the term being bandied about by nearly everyone, people always seem to think of blogs and social media posts as the only types of content they can use to win customers. That’s just not true. Content marketing is a crucial tool in every brand’s arsenal. After […]

Email marketing: 4 key factors you need to keep in mind

The COVID-19 situation has had a disproportionately negative impact on small businesses and SMEs the world over. In such a dark time, any kind of marketing – even something as simple as email marketing – may be far from the minds of business owners and entrepreneurs. However, we strongly advise that, instead of sitting idle […]

How to use videos effectively for content marketing

How To Use Videos Effectively For Content Marketing

In a perfect world, your ideal customer will instinctively know who you are and why your product is right for them. In reality, at every stage, you’ll need to support their journey with different kinds of content that will guide them and help with their decision-making process. Videos are a great way to achieve this! […]

Nail email marketing with these 4 simple subject line tips

Nail Email Marketing With These 4 Simple Subject Line Tips

Today, let’s talk about one of the most important aspect of email marketing: getting that subject line right. You may wonder why this is necessary, given that we live in the world of digital media. The truth is emails are nearly 40 times better at getting new customers than social media alone!1 For example, did […]