Video marketing: Why is it so important in 2020?

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Every year, digital agencies and marketers keep a close watch on changing trends in the way companies market their products to consumers. Over the past 5 years, one of the fastest-growing mediums has been video marketing.

A new and much-quoted survey1 reveals that the percentage of marketers who use video has been consistently growing. In 2015, 78% of marketers used video. That became 85% by 2018, and this year it stands at a whopping 92%. In short: 9 out of 10 marketers use video!

Why is video marketing so important?

Here are some of the most crucial reasons why:

  1. It is an effective way to communicate any kind of information
  2. People retain information better when they watch it as a video than reading it as text
  3. It translates well across all channels
  4. People love to share videos that they liked, meaning it reaches more people organically
  5. 7 out of 10 people prefer to learn about a product through videos1
  6. More than 50% of customers said they want to watch more videos this year2
  7. Particularly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are stuck at home, so they spend even more time watching videos

We can go on. But these are the biggest reasons why video marketing is important.

Will video content improve SEO?

The short answer is YES. Search engines consider videos to be high-quality content. So, if you use videos well on your website as well as in your blogs and social posts, it will help a lot. However, remember: your videos need to be properly optimised for SEO.

Different types of video marketing

You can use very many different kinds of videos for your marketing purposes. Here are the most common:

  1. Explainer videos: These are required when your business deals with a complex service or a product that may be difficult for users to operate on the first try. Explainer videos are extremely popular on YouTube and social media.
  2. Tutorials: These are videos that work as online lessons. It can be used in almost any industry. For example, cooking tutorials, lessons on personal finance, even tutorials on how to fix household objects.
  3. Product ads: These are the most common when you think about branding. Every ad you’ve seen that talks about a particular product or service falls in this category. The purpose here is to convince people to go out and buy your product or subscribe to your service.
  4. Vlogs: This is the video version of a blog (that’s where the name comes from). Whether you’re a home baker selling cupcakes or the owner of a design firm who wants to showcase your creative process, a vlog is a great way to allow customers a sneak peek into your world.
  5. Reviews/Testimonials: These are the same thing, but from two different perspectives. A review video is one where you are showing your customers what you think of a particular brand or product. A testimonial is where a customer talks about you or your product and how they felt about it.

In conclusion, video marketing is only set to become even more important in 2020 and beyond. So, if you haven’t already invested in it, it’s high time you start today!

If you enjoyed this article, head over to our blog for more! And if you’re interested in making the most effective videos for your brand, contact us today!  

1. Wyzowl, Video Marketing Statistics 2020

2. HubSpot, The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

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