11 stress-busting tips for the extended Coronavirus lockdown

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With the number of Covid-19 cases on the rise across the world, this is a very stressful time indeed for all of us. Although absolutely necessary, the ongoing lockdown across most of the world’s major cities has seen us confined to just our living spaces all day, resulting in anxiety, lack of sleep, irritability, and poor mental health.

Here’s the thing: It’s alright if you’re feeling anxious. For one, you’re not alone, and you’ll be fine. As part of a team that has been working from home for quite a long time, we’ve put together some tips that’ll help alleviate your stress levels and keep anxiety at bay during the extended lockdown.

Simply breathtaking

Try the Pranayama breathing method. A technique of breathing through one nostril at a time, this method is great for relieving stress. All you need to do is inhale through the left nostril by blocking the right, exhale through the right nostril by blocking the left. And then reverse. Repeat this for 5 minutes.

Mind it

Meditating can do wonders. Simply create a spot in your home where you can light some candles or incense, play some soft soothing music, and just concentrate on your regular breathing.  This is perfect to ease anxiety and improve your concentration.

Pair up

If you’re cooped up at home with your partner, try pairing up to exercise together. It’ll motivate you more than going it alone. And a great way to wind down is to exchange massages – a super fun way to connect and relax at the same time.

Going solo

If you’re on your own, massage the muscle under your thumbs or soak your feet in hot water and massage them gently to help relieve tension.


Want a more fun way to connect? Get the music going and dance like no one is watching – a sureshot way to lift your mood and reduce anxiety.

Play along

Games will always help shift your attention away from the stress you’re feeling. Whether they’re online or video games, board games, cards or parlour games, playing with your mate or family is an effective way to relax. If games aren’t your thing, keep a diary or try doodling – both are therapeutic and great for calming down.  

Watch it

Catch a tearjerker. It might seem counterproductive but experts say crying is an excellent way to relieve stress. Don’t fancy it? Watch a nature documentary or animal videos on YouTube, or just watch something funny – all good ways to relieve physical tension, reduce stress and uplift your mood.

Yeast is yeast

Get out your baking equipment and have a go at it because a lot of people say that the smell of baking is comforting and calming.

Tidy up

Or you could get around to organising your workspace or cupboards. After all, Marie Kondo didn’t become a household name for nothing!


Finally, have something sweet to boost your mood. A spoonful of honey (with or without a pinch of cinnamon) or a ripe banana (which also has potassium, which regulates your blood pressure) will do.

Sweet dreams!

Last but not least, make sure you get enough sleep. And you know what? You can also try the ‘taboo’ afternoon nap. Research shows that a 20-minute power nap can effectively reduce stress and improve your mood drastically. And when you wake up, smell the coffee – literally (a great way to reduces stress hormones)!

For more such articles, follow our blog. Stay home, stay safe and stay sane!

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