How to use videos effectively for content marketing

How To Use Videos Effectively For Content Marketing
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In a perfect world, your ideal customer will instinctively know who you are and why your product is right for them. In reality, at every stage, you’ll need to support their journey with different kinds of content that will guide them and help with their decision-making process. Videos are a great way to achieve this!

Did you know that more than 70% of customers say they prefer to learn via video than through text?1 Whether it’s marketing or promotional video ads for your small business, shareholder updates with animation, video resumes, explainer vlogs or training videos or just social media posts, this medium is an incredible tool in your arsenal.

How videos help

Business videos can help your company better promote its products, explain tough concepts, connect with potential clients through content marketing, and interact with customers on social media. In fact, nearly 8 out of 10 business use video as a marketing tool1.

Getting professional videos made isn’t as time consuming and expensive as you think! Get a video content partner who’s passionate and you’ll be way ahead of the competition.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you decide video is the way to go:

Build awareness

Every business provides something that people want or need. Your videos should solve the viewer’s / user’s problem. Marketing videos show potential customers how your product will help them get better results, explainer videos show learners how to take a specific action, and the list goes on.

Build awareness by creating exciting, relevant content to address potential needs. You can also look at Inspirational videos, fun infographics that answer questions, videos that use humor to inform, how-to videos and guides/tutorials.

Talk to your customers

We know you’re making business videos, and you may think that requires a serious, corporate tone of voice. However, our experience has taught us that viewers better appreciate a more casual tone that talks directly to them and connects with them on a deeper level.

So, a friendlier tone is a more effective way to engage with your audience to ensure that your message gets through. Also, do away with industry jargon and speak to your audience like a real human being. Even if the focus is on technical aspects of your company, you can still explain them in a conversational way.

Use your video to show potential customers how your product or service fits into the story of their lives. You can even add testimonials to ‘prove’ you’ve helped other customers achieve their dream.

Grow with your videos

Here’s the thing: nobody really knows how well your business video will do until it’s released to the public. You may get thousands of views. You may get only 5, which are all your close friends. Either way, just remember to approach the process with an attitude of learning.

Discover what went right (or wrong) and use the information to do better next time. Remember: business videos should be short, simple, and specific. If you keep them under one minute and only focus on one topic per video, you’ll do just fine.

Post videos frequently

The customer’s journey doesn’t end. The process is always an ongoing one, and you keep learning with every experience. Therefore, never stop engaging with your target audience. After all, 50% of people said they’d stop whatever they were doing to watch a video from a source or creator they like.2

Video content can help strengthen your relationship with existing customers, increase retention rates, and work to bring home potential customers too. It’s a powerful way to improve your brand image and get those conversion rates up.

If you’re looking for help with creating a powerful brand video, get in touch with us today!

For more information:

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