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Want to increase website traffic for your brand? Create more content!’ This is a very common piece of advice that’s been bandied about quite a bit. However – and this has to be said – creating content is the easy part. (Don’t think so? Contact us and we’ll show you how.)

So if creating content is not the roadblock, what is? Well, it’s getting people to see that content, especially in a world where billions of new pieces of content are produced every single day. There are 1.5 billion websites on the internet today.1 Of those, only 200 million are active. Still, that’s a massive number.

Why you need a website

As a cornerstone for your brand, a website is crucial. It should be the place that harbours all your content, where your customers and followers can visit to get regular updates about your brand and also read all the interesting topics you talk about.

But here’s the thing: Although having high-quality content defines your brand and keeps users coming back, growing website traffic takes time and consistency.

Here are some free ways that you can boost website traffic:

1. Utilise your mailing list 

Frequent newsletters that link back to your website are a great way to attract more users. Make sure your newsletter contains multiple useful links to different pages on your website and make sure you place them strategically so that you don’t overcrowd the email with links. A catchy subject line will increase the chances of your open and click rates!

2. Engage online more

There are many online groups and forums that are relevant to your business or community that you can engage with for free. Like and comment on posts and engage in conversations around your industry. And do share knowledge and invite people to take a look at your website. The more you engage, the more exposure your profile gets!

3. Increase social media presence

Simply having social media profiles for your brand and liking and commenting on other people’s blogs and posts isn’t enough. You need to have an active presence across all platforms with content that links back to your website or blog.

Create posts that encourage customers to follow, like and click. Generate unique links to understand which platforms you are getting the most number of clicks from. That way, you’ll know your engagement rates inside and out.

4. Start blogging 

If you haven’t considered a blog section on your website yet, it’s high time you did. Generating new leads is free this way, as people tend to want to connect when they know that there is important information that they can learn.

Having a blog with consistent and high-quality posts improves your SEO and, eventually, can even bump your website up to the top of the search engine results! Just remember that everything you blog about has to be relevant to your brand ethos, otherwise you’ll end up creating a massive disconnect which might actually have the opposite effect – driving customers away rather than attracting them, thereby reducing your website traffic drastically.

5. Include Hashtags in posts 

Once you’re doing all of the above, an easy way to reach an audience that’s outside of your immediate network is by using as many relevant hashtags as possible on posts that link to your website or blog.

This way, users who are searching for a certain brand or product using those hashtags will come across your post on their feed, and this will also result in more followers. 

If you like these tips and want more, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and also visit our blog for other such interesting articles! And if you want a custom-made strategy for your brand to increase traffic, get in touch with us today.


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