Off-page SEO 3: How to boost your rank with brand mentions

How many times have you come across a brand or product being mentioned online? It could be in the news, on a blog, or even on social media. These are all brand mentions. Obviously, the more a brand is discussed online (positively, of course), the stronger its reputation becomes. Why is this important for SEO? […]

Off-page SEO 2: Why local citations (NAP) are so important

In this latest series of blogs, we’ve been discussing what you can do on your website and outside of it to boost your search rankings. Today, let’s dig deep into local citations – which are also sometimes called NAP, which stands for Name, Address and Phone number. Read our introduction to off-page SEO here. What […]

Off-page 1: How to improve SEO using backlinks

If you’ve been following our blog, you will now be familiar with the 3 most important aspects of On-page SEO: keyword research, metadata creation and using internal links.  Now let’s jump into the second phase: Off-page SEO. Today, we’ll explore the first and most important thing you can do outside your website to popularize your […]

On-page SEO 3: How to use internal links for SEO

Welcome to the third blog in our series about On-page SEO. In the previous two blogs, we discussed keyword research and metadata creation. Let’s now look at the next aspect of what you can do on your website to improve your search rankings: Creating internal links. What are internal links? Whenever any page on your […]

On-page SEO 2: Why is metadata so important for SEO?

In our last blog, we introduced you to the first and all-important stage for On-page SEO: Keyword research. Now that you’re familiar with how to choose the perfect keywords for your brand or company, let’s move to the next crucial stage: Metadata creation for each page of your website. As always, let’s start with the […]

On-page SEO 1: Why is keyword research so important?

In our previous series of blogs, we gave you a brief introduction to the two different types of SEO every brand requires: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Now it’s time to dig deeper. Here is a look at the first and most important aspect of on-page SEO: Keyword research. What are keywords? Keywords are the […]

Off-page SEO: Ask yourself these 3 important questions

In our previous blog, we introduced the two types of SEO every business needs: On-Page and Off-Page. Then, we got into more detail about exactly what On-Page SEO is and discussed 3 crucial aspects of it. We also gave you 3 questions every SME owner or entrepreneur needs to ask themselves. Now, let’s dig deep […]

On-page SEO: An essential checklist for SMEs

With more and more brands realising the importance of having a strong website and robust social media strategy after the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for SMEs and brands to bring their A-Game to the digital arena. This means being well up on both on-page and off-page SEO, because a huge part of […]

3 reasons why SEO is crucial during COVID-19

The normal ways of doing business have changed forever because of the coronavirus pandemic. Amid this transition to a new reality, one thing is clear: digital is absolutely essential. Many of the world’s leading think tanks and agencies have long been advocating that a major shift to digital is looming. COVID-19 has only accelerated this. […]