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We’re writers, editors, marketing experts, translators and developers, with a combined experience of more than 50 years. Together we create content that educates and engages your audience and devise effective marketing strategies that help you widen your reach and attract the right kinds of customers to your website.

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We work with everyone from solopreneurs to mega conglomerates, helping them refine their marketing strategies. And along the way, all of them have some common questions related to the nuances of how digital marketing and content marketing works. We’ve shortlisted some important ones here – so you can have the answers at your fingertips.

We live in a digital-first world. 90% of customers search a brand or company online before making the first contact. So, if you want to be visible to your customers, digital marketing is the only way. It can help you identify and target the right customers, guide them through the sales funnel more effectively, thereby ensuring that they choose to do business with you and not your competitors.

In simple terms, content marketing refers to using the power of content – written content, video content, graphic design, etc. – to explain to your customers about what you do. The key with content marketing is it puts your customer’s needs first. It means providing valuable information about your products and services, as well as explaining how they solve your customers’ key pain points. This is one of the most reliable ways to get your target audience to start trusting you and build their loyalty so they keep coming back to you.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a way to improve your website’s appearance in organic search results online. If done right, when people Google a question about one of your products or services, SEO is what helps the search engine algorithms recommend you (your website) as the most relevant answer on the very first page of the results.

Yes – if you want to save your time and get high-quality content every single time. As professional copywriters with decades of experience, we know how to write effectively for every market, every industry and every target demographic. Whether it’s a slogan, social media post, blog article or in-depth report, we can handle it for you with ease. In short, if you want professional results, you need professional copywriters.

Digital marketing and SEO both depend on you giving valuable information to your customers. While you can do that through social media and ads, blogs are the most effective way to communicate this information. You have complete control of exactly how much you want to write, what topic you want to write about, and how many questions you want to answer. Therefore, it remains a crucial part of your digital marketing mix.

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Sonali Kumar
CEO - Founder
Sonali Kumar

CEO - Founder

Jerry Yan
CEO / Founder
Karthik Subramanian

COO - Co-Founder

Our team brings together over five decades of combined experience in education, learning & development, B2B and B2C publishing, and traditional as well as digital marketing.

Cross-client expertise

Working with different clients means we grow and learn from experiments and challenges to know what works.

Cheaper than an internal team

Save on time, effort and costs - apart from just salaries and overheads - when you hire us.

End-to-End and SPOC

One-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs + easy access to additional requirements like app development, publishing, training, etc. through trusted partners.

Flexibility to Scale

Our ability to scale faster ensures we can support you whenever you are ready to expand - as opposed to vetting, hiring and upskilling your internal team.

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